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Andrew Hewitt

Sydney-based Andrew Hewitt is a highly recognised professional drummer, teacher, motivational speaker and workshop leader, and founding member of international org candomusos.com

Eddie Ink

Eddie Ink is an exquisite and insightful singer / songwriter, captivating audiences with his finely crafted lyrics and guitar skills. New album coming soon. eddieink.com

Melbourne Gospel and Soul Choir

An inclusive choir with soul singing gospel, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and more. Run by WAH’s Phil Heuzenroeder mmgc.net.au

Bipolar Bears

The BiPolar Bears are Australia’s best loved band rockin’ for mental health. Playing a mix of originals and classic rock, the band has a story to tell about mental health - with a rockin’ riff line! bipolarbears.com.au

Inkrewsive Hip Hop Crew

Breaking down ignorance and stigma around disability through, beats, rhymes and breakdance, Inkrewsive have something to say! Performances, workshops and audience participation. Read more

Heidi Everett

Heidi is an alchemist with songs from eternity. A brilliant songwriter, performer and advocate for humanising the mental health systelm heidieverett.com.au

Ruth Parker

Ruth is a brilliant story teller, performer and songwriter, with exquisite tales of everyday life that draw you in to the poignancy of her’s and your own experiences.

All artists are available to be booked for performances, presentations and workshops

at schools, workplaces, community events, conferences and more.

Chris Wright

Chris is a dynamic sax player, songwriter and singer of his own original songs and jazz standards. Performing as a soloist, duo and in local jazz bands. wrightchris.wixsite.com

Edward Roussac

Edward is a talented songwriter, creating anthemic songs about his life, especially around fraught communication and relationships. He is also a talented singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Alice Gartner aka Anni Neptune

Alice is brilliant singer/songwriter multi-instrumentalist with a powerful and quirky storytelling style. Performing as a soloist, duo or with band.

Jen Frank

Jen is a songwriter with spunk and a flair for writing about big issues like feminism, men and relationships and body image with a twist of humour and a rockin’ style.

Paul Shorten

Paul is a pianist and electronic music artist playing compositions and improvisations on a range of synth, sampling and drum machines. He is also a stunning soloist with a beautiful baritone voice singing original soul and ballads.

Selene Mathews

Selene creates epic masterpieces of song poetry reflecting deep mystical stories about life, the earth, the elements which are metaphors for her own experiences. A powerful performer and writer.

Dee Stergo

Dee is a stunning songwriter, singer and performer, recording engineer and producer. They write stunning songs and perform either solo with acoustic guitar or with the rich instrumental tracks they create. saintergo.com

Lynny Mast

Lynny hails from Warrnabool but does gigs all over Victoria with some of Melbourne’s best accompanists. She writers powerful songs about her own experiences and reflections on big cultural issues.