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Welcome to Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart provides opportunities for people who experience disability, mental illness or other disadvantage to learn how to find their own “voice” through music and art. Our workshops, ensembles and mentoring programs enable people to make friends, cultural communities, develop as artists and take up their full citizenship through paid and voluntary artistic work.

We shape our program into four kinds of activities to create creative and career pathways for our participants and artists. Click images for full program details.

Bands, crews, artists

Established performance groups, rock bands, hip hop crew and artists

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Artist mentoring and management

Mentoring and management for emerging to semi-professional artists. Read more

Special Projects

Music comedy, live music events, touring, online gigs and more.

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Jobs at Wild At Heart


We are currently seeking part time Arts Project Managers to help us delivery our fantastic programs. One position will manage our Visual Arts Program, the other will manage our range of Songwriting and Music Programs. More info here.


We’re currently seeking volunteers in these areas:

-    songwriting and music composition

  1. -   hip hop dance and rapping

  2. -   evaluation planning and implementation

  3. -   administration and book keeping

More info here.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more and get involved.

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