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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart provides opportunities for people with a disability to tell their stories through arts and music making, to make friends and be part of a community and to participate equally in society through their artistic work.

Latest news

  1. -   The Mental Health Act music comedy - book the show now! read more

-    Songwriting workshops every week.  Mondays in Fairfield and Wednesdays in South Melb.

  1. -   Visual and creative arts, Saturdays, Epping North. read more

Full program details here.

(03) 9326 9970

Support us to change minds through arts and music.

During the month of June Wild At Heart is fundraising to support our community and arts making work with people who experience disability. 

We’d love your help through a donation. Your contribution, no matter the amount, plays a big part in Wild At Heart expanding our work in boosting people’s self esteem, confidence, skills and role in the community.

If you’d like to donate to Wild At Heart, please click on the red Donate Now button above. All donations go through the secure and zero commission donations portal Give Now.

We very much appreciate your support.

Phil and the Wild At Heart team.